Dr. 天蓝色的米. Schenck assumed office as the 12th 总统 of The American University of 巴黎 on October 15, 2008. 她是该大学的第二位女性领导, 也是第一位从大学的教授级别晋升上来的校长.

博天堂官方网址工作的27年里. 申克曾担任比较文学教授, 课程发展副院长, 负责学术创新的副总裁, 负责发展和拨款规划的副总裁, 教务处副主任, Dean of the University, 和教务长.

作为博天堂官方网址的首席学术官,Dr. Schenck focused on curriculum development – leading a major review of general education, founding the first master's programs and fostering those that were subsequently developed – and accreditation. She also attended to the integration and development of technology and 教学 at 博天堂官方网址, creating the first Academic Resource Center with all of its attendant activities. 与每个项目相配合, 她为学术项目筹集了大量的基金会资金, 技术和基础设施. 作为总统, she has been responsible for creating the University’s professional leadership team; developing a “residential life” program for incoming students; leading two strategic planning processes; developing innovative research centers; launching a five-year campus redevelopment plan, which is nearing its completion with the opening of the Quai d'Orsay Learning Commons; and launching 博天堂官方网址’s first capital campaign for €26 million, 博天堂官方网址提升.

他是全球高等教育的领导者. Schenck于2004年创立AMICAL, 美国大学在欧洲的联盟, the Middle East, 中亚和北非, 秉承共享资源的共同使命, 技术, 课程项目和教师和学生交流遍布27个机构, 21个国家,19种语言. 她还曾担任AAICU主席, 美国国际学院和大学协会, 一个遍布世界各地美式大学的校长组织. In 2018, she joined the G20, 一群有远见的美国文理学院校长.

在来法国之前. 申克是巴纳德学院的终身副教授, where she held the Ann Whitney Olin Junior Chair for excellence in scholarship and 教学. While at Barnard, Schenck received several prestigious awards for her work in feminist literary studies and founded two important series, 巴纳德新女性诗人系列, 年度诗歌奖,有公开朗诵, 阅读女性作品, 康奈尔大学出版社对国际女权主义批评的认可. 她是四本书的作者, 二是关于田园牧歌和女性自传的文学主题, 二是和同事苏珊·佩里一起研究女性, 文化与发展实践. She regularly writes and speaks on issues of global higher education and women’s leadership.

Dr. Schenck received her BA summa cum laude 她在布朗大学获得博士学位.