批判民主研究中心 (CCDS) is a member of the “DeRadicalisation in Europe and Beyond: Detect, Resolve, Reintegrate” (D.Rad) research project for Horizon 2020 funded by the European 研究 Council. 

2021年期间, 索耶 and Zinigrad published four reports on various aspects of radicalization processes in 法国:

另外他们协调 the reports on radicalization trends for all seventeen members of the project’s consortium.

D.Rad is a comparative study of radicalization and polarization in Europe and beyond. 它的目的是识别行动者, 网络, 更广泛的社会背景推动了激进主义, 特别是在城市和城市周边地区的年轻人中. D.Rad通过I-GAP光谱(不公正-委屈-疏远-极化)将其概念化,从而走向去激进化项目的可测量评估. Our intention is to identify the building blocks of radicalization, which include a sense of being victimized; a sense of being thwarted or lacking agency in established legal and political structures; and coming under the influence of “us vs them” identity formulations. 

D.Rad受益于非常广泛的背景. 该项目跨越国家背景, including the UK, 法国, 意大利, 德国, 波兰, 匈牙利, 芬兰, 斯洛文尼亚, 波斯尼亚, 塞尔维亚, 科索沃, 以色列, 伊拉克, 约旦, 火鸡, 乔治亚州, 奥地利, 还有一些少数民族主义. 它连接了从政治学、文化研究到社会心理学和人工智能等多个学科. 传播方式包括D.Rad labs, D.Rad hubs, policy papers, academic workshops, visual outputs and digital galleries. 因此,维.Rad establishes a rigorous foundation to test practical interventions geared to prevention, 包容和de-radicalization.

With the possibility of capturing the trajectories of seventeen nations and several minority nations, 该项目将为民族国家适应新的安全挑战时的法律和政策的比较分析提供独特的证据基础. 查明这些品种及其与国家情况的联系的过程对于揭示现有干预措施的优势和弱点至关重要. Furthermore, D.Rad解释了一个问题,即激进化进程往往发生在逃脱传统国家司法框架控制和审查的情况下. AI专业人员参与建模, analyzing and devising solutions to online radicalization will be central to the project’s aims.​


批判民主研究中心 (CCDS) works to promote the practice, 学习生活民主, 通过确保博天堂官方网址毕业生成为全球公民,并与大学之外的政治生活互动. 多亏了欧洲研究理事会的资助, CCDS目前正在参与一项大型合作研究项目,旨在确定导致激进化的趋势并实施去激进化的技术- -目前这是欧盟的一个主要政策领域.

斯蒂芬·索耶教授,CCDS中心主任,国际与比较政治学系系主任. “伦理委员会最初提出的问题主要是如何诊断激进化,并针对非激进化问题制定循证政策,” he explains. The grant submission brought together a group of 17 universities under an umbrella project titled “D. Rad.“这是成功提案的一部分, CCDS获得了260欧元的奖励,300万欧元赠款中的000部分. The money will go toward the day-to-day functioning of the center, the hiring of a postdoc and the pursuit of activities around deradicalization and democracy; more specifically, 该中心将启动一项新的研究项目,有关识别和消除激进化热点.

“当一个激进的平民团体对其他平民实施身体和情感暴力的特定事件时,热点就被确定了,” explains 索耶. Isolated actions conducted by individuals aren’t enough to qualify a hotspot; premeditation is required, and the action must, 在理论上, 具有可扩展性和持久的影响. 确定这些热点使该中心得以发展索耶所说的“激进化弧线”——导致激进化进程的历史和社会文化先例. “There is no social order than isn’t shaped by discord, disagreement or tension,” he says. “博天堂官方网址的论点是,有一个事件, process or moment that is responsible for transforming existing tension into a site of radicalization.“CCDS将重点介绍五项此类活动, 地理区域多样化的,地理区域多样化的, 激进化的时间和类型.

这个项目将利用该中心的许多优势, 包括其对民主、政治和社会进程研究中的历史和社会语境化的关注. “The mix of history, sociology and political science is at the heart of what CCDS does; it was also at the heart of Tocqueville’s work,” explains 索耶, 引用了该中心很多研究中的一位关键思想家. 除了资助研究计划, 这笔资金将为该中心提供资源,以更广泛地研究有关民主和激进化的问题, 包括通过会议入场, 邀请演讲嘉宾并与D的其他成员合作. Rad.

The grant comes at an exciting time: on the heels of CCDS cohosting the largest conference in 博天堂官方网址 history, last year’s 巴黎百周年会议, which marked 100 years since the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. In addition, the center has recently moved into the Quai d 'Orsay Learning Commons, 把它放在另一个研究中心的下一层:乔治和伊琳娜·谢弗种族灭绝研究中心, 人权与预防冲突. 索耶 notes that as well as providing greater visibility and the practical benefits of a physical space, the new premises provide additional opportunities to work in collaboration with the Schaeffer Center, with which CCDS has many overlapping research interests – not least in the field of deradicalization.